Archimetric offers an integrated building solution with professional services in architecture, engineering (structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil), building science, and construction management.


Architectural design is our primary service. We design buildings according to our clients’ specific needs in a creative and innovative process using the latest technology in building science, with an emphasis for design excellence, environmental consciousness, and energy efficiency. Our services include conceptual design, design development, construction documents, bidding or negotiating, and construction administration. We conduct thorough research as part of our process in ensuring our clients with solutions of the utmost quality.
Structural Engineering
Our experience involves virtually all sizes and types of structures. Our structural design team is capable of the design of conventional wood, structural steel, and reinforced concrete structures as well as advanced design of high strength concrete, pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete composite construction, and space framed steel structure.
Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering
Our collaborative approach to projects often includes engineers in the beginning phases of the projects, rather than at the last stage. We believe this is the best approach to creating integrated building solutions.
Construction Management
We provide Construction Management services to guarantee the delivery of a successful project. This field of service has become increasingly important given that quality is our focus. Construction managers are needed to ensure that the work performed in the construction site is according to our plans and specifications. We provide full-time site supervision during construction to serve as quality control of the contractor’s work and to manage construction according to budget and schedule.
Other Services
For certain projects in need of additional services, we also provide the following services: project supervising, special consulting services (energy, lighting, acoustic), interior design, feasibility study, and value engineering.